Sunday 2 August 2020

Hladowski sings O'Sullivan - COMPLETE

Hladowski sings O'Sullivan - COMPLETE

It turns out that there is a technical term for what we have been doing...

It is called an 'incremental album'.  We have released our 9 singles, one by one, in no special order.  Simply, when we had a track ready to slot into the technology, we sent it off...

All 9 tracks are now visible...
This is
Hladowski sings O'Sullivan
On Spotify

on YouTube

And on everything else - wherever you find your music it will be there...

Next, we must create the album, which means negotiating an entirely new set of technological hurdles.

Do we think of the album as a gig, with a set list - a plan to protect the performers, and carry the audience?

Or do we think of the album as a 'journey'?  Or as a guided meditation...?

And here is how you can help. 

Print out the album's 'harlequin cover' - attached...

Carefully, with a pair of scissors (not supplied) cut out the 9 small squares.

Listen to the 9 tracks, and re-arrange the tracks, to make an album - using the 9 squares as an aide memoire.

Then tell me what to do - just give me instructions and advice.  You can, if you like, photograph the 9 squares in your chosen sequence.

Note that on some music sites you can create playlists and shuffle playlists.

This is the last uploaded track on YouTube...
Stephanie Hladowski sings Barbara, Remember...

Patrick O'Sullivan

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