Friday 19 June 2020

Hladowski sings O'Sullivan - endgame

My musicians and I have decided not to worry about things we cannot now do, and have decided to bring the Hladowski sings O'Sullivan project to a conclusion.

So, ride the design and the technology...  The design says 3 x 3...

It is a matter of picking songs where we have a good vocal in place, and the final mix is not too problematic.

8 tracks have been released.  We will release one more track, making 9 - and we will call that an 'album'.  And I will write the 'sleeve' notes.

It is a nice selection, and I am happy with it - two songs for theatre, one song translation, some explorations of tradition, some songs for specific performers, some tune first, some words first, some old, some new.

Some Irish songs.

And one of my wedding songs.

The 8 tracks are visible on YouTube...

...and on every other possible outlet - Spotify, iTunes, Amazon...  Everything.

This is Spotify...

This is kkbox - Taiwan and Japan...

The song 'Irish Night' might especially interest - I have put some notes on the YouTube version.

It is a song from our 1987 stage play - and is, genuinely, a report on interviews in St Louise Hostel, Medway Street, London SW1, in 1987. 

May the Winds (The Holyhead Song) is the song for our Holyhead Project.  Which, if I can get some funding, I am hoping to put together later this year...

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