Friday 14 September 2012

Autoharp in The Bourne Legacy

Autoharp sighting...

Whilst moving my boat home, from Llangollen, I had a few evenings by myself. And one night I went to the cinema, to see The Bourne Legacy - the Bourne movie without Jason Bourne, written and directed by the usual Bourne scriptwriter, Tony Gilroy. The movie has had very mixed reviews - but I enjoyed it as a further exploration of the 'Bourne world'.

Anyway... The movie has an autoharp in it, just part of the set dressing - in a cabin in the snow, propped against the wall, never explained or mentioned. There is no reason for an autoharp to be there. You have to think that maybe - because the scene IS set in a cabin in the snow - this is a cineaste's reference to the W.C. Fields short, The Fatal Glass of Beer.

Shortly after you see the autoharp (spoiler alert!) the cabin in the snow is blown up by a missile launched from a drone. And the autoharp too, we must suppose...

Patrick O'Sullivan