Monday 8 June 2015

Podcast, Stuart Lee and Leslie Megahey on 'Tolkien in Oxford', BBC 1968

This interview and discussion is now available on the University of Oxford's podcast site...

Very good to see real information about the making of the BBC 1968 'Tolkien in Oxford' at last in the public domain, and placed before a knowledgeable and interested audience.  Stuart Lee is to be congratulated on moving this forward.

That useful chap 'Paddy O'Sullivan', who is mentioned a few times - that is me...

'Tolkien in Oxford', BBC 1968

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'A discussion between Dr Stuart Lee and film & TV director Leslie Megahey on the BBC's 1968 documentary, 'Tolkien in Oxford', given at a day-long symposium that focused on different aspects of Tolkien's academic and literary work and life in Oxford.'

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Patrick O'Sullivan
June 2015