Thursday 11 April 2024

Working Title: The lyricist in the recording studio

 Working Title:

The lyricist in the recording studio

This note is for my friends and colleagues in the Irish Diaspora Studies community, and elsewhere in academia...

We have just finished and released a second album of my songs.

All the lyrics are by me - the melodies are by various hands, including mine.

I am encouraging everyone to listen to both albums, to get a feel for the work.

I have made these 2 HearNow web sites for the 2 O'Sullivan albums...


Album 2

Harney Sings O'Sullivan

Tiny Url


Album 1

Hladowski Sings O'Sullivan



Note that the links to those web sites can be shared.

You can also see there the links to the main music platforms - people can move on to their usual music supplier.

But I have also set it up so that the full tracks can be listened to on the HearNow web sites. The audio quality seems good.


The album titles

Harney Sings O'Sullivan

Hladowski Sings O'Sullivan

Are distinctive enough and searchable...

So, two albums, 18 tracks - plus other odds and ends out there. For example, my song Salmon's Lament is on Soundcloud, The Train (Jill's Theme) is on YouTube. So, it should now be a bit clearer what it is I do - in song...

The Working Title for the overall project is: The lyricist in the recording studio

I come from the more literary end of the song lyric traditions, of course - but I have long argued that the lyricist needs to understand the microphone and the recording studio.

And that discussion takes place elsewhere...

My songs will be of interest to the Irish Diaspora Studies community, because...

1. I am myself an Irish Diaspora Study

2. The songs sit within Irish and English lyric traditions, and develop those traditions

3. Very often the songs begin as meditations on my academic work. For example, the Montparnasse Waltz, Album 2 Harney Sings O'Sullivan, arises out of my study of Sartre and diaspora.

But then, of course, they must earn their living in the song world.

4. Very often the songs are part of specific Irish Diaspora Studies projects, including theatre projects.  For example, Irish Night or May the Winds (the Holyhead Song), Album 1 Hladowski Sings O'Sullivan

5. Very often there are notes about specific songs on my blog - which develop these observations. A search will find these notes...

Thus, this is a note (much shortened) on Montparnasse Waltz...

This is a note which links the song, Darkness, with a line from Samuel Beckett...

And so on...

But don't get side tracked. Listen to the songs....


Patrick O'Sullivan

Visiting Professor of Irish Diaspora Studies, London Metropolitan University