Friday, 31 January 2014

The Irish World Wide, 1992-1997, SIX VOLUMES ONLINE

Much of my earlier work, rescued from pre-digital age, printed books, is now available on the web.

This includes the 6 volumes of Patrick O'Sullivan, ed., The Irish World Wide, 1992-1997.  See...

It is possible to download the 6 volumes of The Irish World Wide as 6 individual, large pdf files. 

But each volume is also separated out into individual chapters - each chapter in its own pdf file, and easy to download and carry around.  This solves a recurring problem, that I get requests for copies of specific chapters.

Special attention is drawn - of course - to my own chapters on The Irish Joke, in Volume 3, and on Famine Theory, in Volume 6.  But if someone wants to jump in at the deep end, I recommend reading my Introduction to Volume 5, Religion and Identity - gives an idea of the style and the method...

Patrick O'Sullivan

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