Sunday, 12 January 2014

Gargrave Autoharp Festival, 2014 - weekend of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 27, 28, 29

At the Yorkshire end the core of the Gargrave Autoharp Festival, the weekend of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, June 27, 28, 29, 2014, is now in place.

Many factors influence the choice of that weekend - what the Gargrave Village Hall could offer us, I was told to avoid the dates of the TT races on the Isle of Man, meeting up with Mike Fenton's fan base amongst the caravanners...

Yesterday we had a very good photo shoot for the Festival poster - in line with the Gargrave Autoharp Festival tradition that we have a beautiful and striking poster.

This year, 2014, we are part of the the Cultural Festival of the Grand Depart of the Tour de France. The weekend after our Festival, July 5, the Tour de France starts out from Leeds. At that weekend Yorkshire is FULL. No accommodation left.

Will that affect our weekend? Do I need to worry? As yet I do not know. There could be leakage forward from the Tour de France, as people extend their stay. Or Yorkshire might be empty. Or something in between.

Patrick O'Sullivan


  1. Have got accommodation sorted :) .... just out of Gargrave in the Travelodge. OH has the Autoharp ... I'm bringing the concertina (perhaps some autoharpers will be temped to ... the Dark Side !!) . Looking forward to seeing the booking form for the weekend to see exactly what's happening and get signed up the Autoharp site has just got the publicity blurb at the moment but it all looks great.

  2. Thank you for this...

    So, no special problems then?

    But we must still get the autoharpers and other musicians thinking ahead...