Sunday, 15 July 2012

Love Death and Whiskey - 40 Songs - Reviews at Amazon

Reviews are beginning to collect around my song lyric book

Love Death and Whiskey - 40 Songs

on the Amazon page.

One review is evidently by a musician.  Another seems to be by a literary critic.

And another is by a Python.

And see also
Terry Jones on Twitter

I am not sure what Terry means by my songs being 'a great way in for those nervous of poetry...'  Must ask.  A 'way in...'  Is there a suggestion there that my song lyrics are being asked to do something other than be good song lyrics?

But Terry has forced me to return to debates and discussions last visited some decades ago - about the difference, for me, between a song lyric and a poem.  The differences, for me, are clear - and are outlined in the Introduction to Love Death and Whiskey.  The Introduction is visible on Amazon and on Google Books - anywhere where the early pages are available.  When I was a minor poet of the late twentieth century - a horrid business - I found myself at poetry readings.  And, inevitably, found myself writing poetry that could be performed.  If you are going to write for performance you should really write for performers.

I have started collecting some thoughts, notes and references, on the theory and practice of the song lyric, on a new web site...

Nothing very substantial, as yet - but when I come across sensible comment I will post some material there.

I think I am nearly ready to begin a sensible discussion about RHYME.

Patrick O'Sullivan

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