Friday, 13 July 2012

Irish Diaspora Studies

At the end of May 2012 I began to close down the formal projects that I still then had in place to support the study of the Irish Diaspora.

I still remain interested in that study, of course, and will continue to make contributions - but most probably only in the form of articles, chapters, the occasional lecture.  Any specific project will have to be time-limited and costed.

The problem was that, in tying myself to formal, ongoing projects I had saddled myself with a myriad tiny tasks, but each task requiring thought and decision.

As I close things down, if there is a general point worth making, I will post a note here on Fiddler's Dog.

The relevant web sites are still, more or less, in place.

The old web site, at the University of Bradford, handcrafted by my son Dan O'Sullivan, when he was 12 years old...

I no longer have access to that web site.

Stephen Sobol, at the University of Leeds, created an alternative web site for us, with a simpler technology, at...

That web site will soon disappear, but I will most probably redirect the domain name.

Both those web sites have been archived by the British Library - so that they are preserved for posterity.

I did start to develop a back-up Irish Diaspora Studies web site at

But, at this stage, I am not really clear how that is going to work.  Is there still a need for a formal web site?  And see above, myriad tiny tasks...

Patrick O'Sullivan

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