Thursday 8 November 2012

SHORT FILM Paraski in Tignes, why don't you

This short film is now on YouTube.  The starting point here is very prosaic  – my wife wanted to share her holiday snaps and videos…

Paraski in Tignes, why don't you
A film by Patrick O'Sullivan
© Patrick O'Sullivan 2012

There was no time to do a detailed sound edit  – and indeed no point in going into one.  I took what sound I had been given, and in the background put a meditation by Marin Marais on a chord sequence.  And let the music seem to follow movement on the screen. 

It is a famous chord sequence which has its own name, La Folia (Madness, Folly), its own history, and its own Wikipedia entry…

See also this labour of love…

As well as the Marin Marais you will find versions by Lully, Vivaldi, Corelli, and so on.  But it turns up in all sorts of places – I think you can hear it in the fiddle tune that became the theme for the movie, Last of the Mohicans.

In Dm all the chords are available on a standard chromatic autoharp.  One chord per bar, except for bar 15.

Dm A7 Dm C
F C Dm A7
Dm A7 Dm C
F C Dm/A7 Dm

Patrick O’Sullivan

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